What is the purpose of Objectif 10,000?

Objectif 10,000 is a fun way to raise your employees' awareness about the benefits of physical activity. Without requiring much commitment, this initiative allows each and every person to objectively evaluate their own level of day-to-day physical activity through the use of a pedometer and a website specifically designed for the purpose. It offers an opportunity to take stock, to engage with colleagues and to reflect on the best ways to increase physical activity at work.

With Objectif 10,000, you'll improve the health of your employees and, by extension, that of your company. There are indeed a number of advantages in launching an initiative for prevention and health promotion in the workplace:

  • improvement of the atmosphere between co-workers, and therefore of the overall work atmosphere
  • improvement of the quality of life at work and in general
  • improvement in cooperation and teamwork
  • development or creation of trustful relationships

How does it work?
Register the company. Companies interested in participating should register via the contact form; a confirmation link and password will be issued upon registering.
Forming teams. Employees form teams of 4 to 6 people and each team nominates a leader. This leader is responsible for registering the team and will be in charge of motivating the participants throughout the course of the event. The teams are registered online on a website specifically designed for the purpose that each participant can then individually access.
Pedometer. A Yamax DIGI-WALKER pedometer for counting steps is included in the price of the event. Made in Japan, this model is recommended for its reliability by the University of Lausanne Medical Clinic. The company can, however, choose not to use it and instead find its own step-counting tool.
Log the number of steps taken each day. From the start of the event onwards, each participant logs the number of steps taken that day straight onto the event website.
Visit Europe. Every day, the registered teams can view their progress both as a group and individually. The more steps are taken by members of a team, the more they will be able to travel around Europe.