10,000 steps to health…
and to a healthy company

Objectif 10,000 is an initiative to promote physical activity in the workplace. Its aim is to encourage as many employees as possible to walk at work, on the way to work or during their free time, in order to reach 10,000 steps per day!

This objective yields clear benefits to health without asking people to become seasoned athletes. Walking is the most accessible of physical activities and can be done at any age, in any season, whatever your body size and lifestyle.

With a pedometer, walking becomes a game. The "Objectif 10,000" website allows you to log the number of steps you take each day over a specified length of time (including weekends). You can therefore set yourself a realistic goal, put a number to it and improve on it.

You'll be able to watch the daily progress of all the teams, as a group and as individuals. The more steps the team members take, the more they'll be able to travel and progress through Europe in the game.

The rankings will come out at the end of the event, showing which teams achieved the furthest distance as well as which individuals clocked up the most steps.

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